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Kensuke Kobayashi

 Accounting/Taxation Consulting

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Our Vision

"Unite the Vision"

  1. We will unite vision with every client and will make efforts to accomplish “our” goal.

  2. We will develop talents who always solve problems from management perspective.

  3. We will challenge to realize exciting society that “everyone” can have a dream.

Kensuke Kobayashi

Managing Partner, CPA

Kensuke graduated from renowned Waseda University with a Bachelor of Political Science and Economics degree. He has built his extensive career at Deloitte Tohmatsu, and widened his international horizons at Deloitte New York office. In 2011, Kensuke founded Univis Tax Co., and in 2017, founded Univis America LLC. He provides various accounting and tax services to Japanese companies in the U.S. Both US and Japanese CPA holder.


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