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Corporate Tax

Univis America LLC provides business tax preparation service to save our clients money on taxes. Not only the tax preparation, our tax advisory will guide tax filing in a timely manner with such precision and accuracy. We constantly keep up with all the latest revision and updates to the State and Federal tax regulations. Univis America LLC always will support you by answering any tax questions that are coming from daily basis to special occasions.

Business Incorporation Services

When starting a business in such foreign country, you are responsible for all aspects of the business AND Visa process. With sufficient knowledge and understanding on your business plan and potential growth, we offer all incorporation and new business advisory services including entity selection, new business incorporation and business plan development. Univis America LLC also provides the comprehensive service with our trustable local attorney to guide our clients in a right direction regarding the VISA process.

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Univis America LLC provides the specialist helping hand in dealing with complex accounting related transactions in an analytical manner including M&A, technical accounting consulting, GAAP/IFRS conversion, accounting standards and regulatory developments, accounting policies.

Accounting/Tax Consulting

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Bookkeeping and Payroll Service

We offer full service bookkeeping, including payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, bill pay, invoicing, financial reporting and more. As receiving the transactions from our clients, we monthly prepare all the accounting entries, B/S and P/L – accurate daily/monthly tracking is also crucial to your business tax filing.

We also provide bookkeeping advisory service for our clients to easily track their assets and liabilities.

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QuickBooks Setup and Installation for Small Business Clients

Univis America LLC offers QuickBooks support as part of an ongoing tax and accounting relationship with our clients. We’ll help you select the appropriate version of QuickBooks for your business and will set up your software to track your financial data accurately. We provides Quickbooks services including the appropriate version of Quickbooks for your business, Quickbooks software installation, mapping accounts correctly and creating templates for invoices as well as troubleshooting problems and answering questions.

Audit, Review and Compilation

When we conduct an internal business audit, we deliver the highest level of assurance to your investors and creditors. There are three different assurance services that we provide to our clients such as Audit, Review and Compilation. Univis America LLC consults and provides its appropriate service for each client.

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